Digitopia Interactive

The Digitopia Interactive playfully combines graphics and musical composition. It accompanied the Digitopia dance performance for children by Tom Dale Dance on its UK tour.

The stage show by Tom Dale Dance presents two characters embedded in a fantastical world of graphics and sound, taking audiences along on a ride of exploration. The two characters are creating increasingly complex shapes and sound landscapes from the two core geometrical components of points and lines. They are supported in this by an intriguing mix of physical and digital scenery elements developing during the show.


The Digitopia interactive picks up the core stage show elements of dots and lines and one key physical element on stage: a pyramid. In the foyer, before and after the show, audience members create shapes and musical compositions at the same time. Sound from the eight stations merges together, creating a larger soundscape. Distorting the shapes distorts the sound. Digitopia is aimed at an audience between 5 and 10 years old. By creating simple geometrical shapes on tablet screens, children construct a soundtrack, both inspired by geometry and sound present on stage. Digitopia and the Digitopia app premiered at Lake Side Arts centre on the 12 February 2016 and toured the UK until April 2016.

Digitopia interactive demo video


In collaboration with Tom Dale Dance company and working with Tony Glover, Adrian Hazzard, Ben Bedwell and Laura Carletti

Funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Hub