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  • Digitopia Interactive

    The Digitopia Interactive playfully combines graphics and musical composition. It accompanied the Digitopia dance performance for children by Tom Dale Dance on its UK tour. The stage show by Tom Dale Dance presents two characters embedded in a fantastical world of graphics and sound, taking audiences along on a ride of exploration. The two characters […]

  • Adaptive Architecture Conceptual Framework

    Adaptive Architecture is concerned with buildings that are designed to adapt to their environment and to their inhabitants whether this is automatically or through human intervention. This is a multi-disciplinary research interest spanning Architecture, Computing, Engineering, Design, Psychology and the Social Sciences. The Adaptive Architecture framework captures the developing field and allows the crowd-sourcing of changes, […]

  • Screens in the Wild

    This project brought together University College London, the University of Nottingham (Mixed Reality Lab, Computer Science), the London Borough of Waltham Forest, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and Leytonstone Business Improvement District (e11bid) to investigate how the urban experience mediated through connected large screens can be designed to augment real world […]

  • Moving City

    Moving City was the latest in a series emerging from a research project set up in 2000 at the University of Nottingham. Originally entitled “Architecture Exposed: New Ideas for Exhibiting the Built Environment” the project set out to challenge the conventional methods of presenting exhibitions about architecture through photographs and drawings shown inside a gallery. […]