Two mirrors, on either side of the Atlantic, are being designed to reflect the environment where they are located, with an invitation to play, perform and explore our sense of place and where we feel we are from.

Stories of the past, the present and the future celebrate experiences and knowledge of our communities. The mirror acts as a bridge for those who interact with it, like a doorway to another community on the other side of the world to explore local and global challenges that affect these communities.

This project context allowed a series of explorations around interactive, performative mirror spaces in mixed reality performance and narrative. Semi-transparent mirrors, digital and physical content, physical content and storytelling were overlaid to document how performative mirror spaces can be created.

Raster of Invisible project activities

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Collaboration with artists Rachel Jacobs and Silvia Neal and working with Anthony Brown, Nils Jäger and Robin Shackford.

Funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Hub Nottingham and by the ‘The Built Environment as Interface to Personal Data’ Nottingham Research Fellowship.