Category: Prototype

  • Movement-based Co-creation of Adaptive Architecture

    Despite movement capture technologies becoming commonplace, the design and the consequences for architecture of movement-based interactions require further research. We combined previous research in this space with the development and evaluation of the MOVE research platform that allows the investigation of movement-based interactions in Adaptive Architecture. Using a Kinect motion sensor, MOVE tracks selected body […]

  • Conversation for Three

    Conversation for Three is an adaptive dining experience that detects diner’s emotional changes during a conversation and projects different films, animations, conversational suggestions, film quotes and sounds depending on the emotions being detected. It had its premiere at Nottingham Broadway Cinema in July 2018. In collaboration with artist Jo Fairfax and working with Will Preston, Jonathan Hale […]

  • Invisible

    Two mirrors, on either side of the Atlantic, are being designed to reflect the environment where they are located, with an invitation to play, perform and explore our sense of place and where we feel we are from. Stories of the past, the present and the future celebrate experiences and knowledge of our communities. The mirror […]

  • Breathing Space

    The experimental work with ExoBuilding inspired the development of Breathing Space, a proto-product of a breathing room. Breathing Space was designed and engineered in close collaboration with a care home, a yoga practitioner and a mindfulness practitioner. It reflects the need to be open and accessible, to fit into many different spaces, to be transportable […]

  • Data Journeys Archway

    The Data Journeys Archway was a first experiment as part of the development of a larger archways project, an outcome of and follow-on from Andrew Wilson’s shared research residency with Mixed Reality Lab and Sustrans, the national active travel charity, and funded by Horizon. The original inspiration for the archways project came from a member […]

  • MOVE

    MOVE is an architectural prototype and research platform to explore the relationship of body movements and movements in adaptive architecture. Using a Kinect motion sensor, MOVE tracks the gross body movements of a person and allows the flexible mapping of those to the movement of building components. In this way, a person inside MOVE can […]